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Backup copying

Today, Information Technology (IT) is a necessity in our jobs. Documents and registers are increasingly stored on IT, and often only here. Although the Information Technology of today is very stable and safe, errors and defects do occur. The equipment can be damaged and human mistakes are made; in both situations the risk of loosing data is present.

If you are saving your data (letters, reports, scripts, e-mails etc.) on your own PC, creating backup files is your own responsibility. If you use storage on a server (a shared drive), the IT-group behind the server will make sure that a backup copy is being made at given intervals.

All PC’s offer backup programs and aid in creating backup files. You are usually able to backup with CD or USB. Furthermore it might be a good idea to backup important data on a sky-drive and/or web-mail. This way you improve your chances to keep important data if something unfortunate should happen.

Finally, it is important that your backup file is a perfect copy so that it can actually be used!

The IT-group can inform you of how often backup files are made from a common server. That will enable you to estimate how much of your data could potentially be lost at a given time.