Password – University of Copenhagen


Your password combined with your login username identifies you to the IT system.
Make sure to follow these simple yet important rules:

  1. Your password is personal, and must be handled as such
  2. Never give your password to anybody
  3. Change your password at least once a year 

Your password should be composed of:

  • A suitable number of characters (usually at least 7), 
  • Both capital and small letters, (a - z and A - Z)
  • Numbers (0 - 9) 
  • Special characters (-_+*#"§!¤%&).

A good password is composed by following this idea: Think of a short sentence that you know you will remember, and pick letters and characters according to a rule you can remember too.


  • Sentence: My husband iGeorge & our address iVestergade 22.
  • Rule: Use the first character of each word in the sentence.
  • Password: MhiG&oaiV2

The security level of your password depends on the number of characters and the frequency by which you change it. The more variation your password contains, the higher the level of security.