Privacy policy – University of Copenhagen

Privacy policy

The University of Copenhagen processes and records information about persons who are in contact with the University, mainly employees, students, applicants, participants in research projects or conferences - or simply subscribers to our publications.

Applied acts and articles

As data controller under the Act on Data Protection, University of Copenhagen is obliged to inform all data subjects about their rights in respect to processing of information about them.
Personal data is registered in accordance with Article 6, 7 or 8 of the Act on Data Protection. Personal data in research projects is registered according to Article 10 of the Act on Data Protection.

Treatment and storage

The University of Copenhagen treats personal data confidentially. The personal data will be processed and stored in the secure filing systems of the University. When the information is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it is collected, it is deleted or filed in the university archiving system.
The university may however store the information if it is part of a lawsuit or if the university is considering using the information in a lawsuit.

Disclosure of information

The information will not be disclosed to anyone without the data subject being informed unless the university is required to disclose the information to public authorities.

Data insight

Data subjects may contact the University of Copenhagen at any time to obtain copies of the information filed in the University archiving or filing systems.

Correction of information

If the data subject believes that incorrect information has been stored, he or she may ask the university to correct the information. The information will be corrected accordingly or it will be noted in the file that the person concerned has asked for a correction.
The data subjects may also require that the university does not use information which is no longer needed.


Data subjects have the right to object to the processing of information in a research project by the university. This means that the participant in the research project has the right to refuse that the university process the information. However, participants in a research projects do not have the right to have a copy of their own data included in the project.


If the University of Copenhagen has obtained the consent of a data subject to process information, the data subject may at any time revoke the consent. If the consent is revoked, the university cannot continue to process information after the consent has been revoked.

Data Protection Officer

The University of Copenhagen has a data protection officer. Data subjects may contact the data protection officer, Lisa Ibenfeldt Schultz via, with any questions relating to the data processing at the University of Copenhagen.


Data subjects are entitled to logde complaints about the processing of their data to the Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet) via